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Naturally balancing between manual dexterity, musical affinities and theoretical understanding, physical laws and inner spiritual experiences – musicians have always been investing huge effort in achieving technical proficiency and acoustic beauty – using their instruments both as tools of the trade and virtual bodily extensions. When in skilled hands, the right instrument projects one’s creative concepts and musical energy while simultaneously feeding back the player with the reflection of sound that helps him control his performance and obtain the sense of the space and moment – thus creating common artistic experience for himself and the public.

Individual tastes, playing techniques, habits and attitudes have influenced the choice of right instrument for the player. Not rarely has that process been tainted by difficult decisions – sonority over playability, price over performance, to name just a few.

The process of instrument building at guitarsEustache is aimed at obtaining best possible harmony between playability, ergonomics and fullness of sound. The result that we are now offering to the musical world is a lineup of guitars that are light and comfortable to hold while surprisingly rich and performant in timbre, dynamics and articulation. Each member of our guitarsEustache family has a potential of becoming a seductively inspiring partner to the player, enabling her / him to keep a relaxed posture after long hours of practice and demanding on-stage performances.

The Story Behind
Proprietary design from scratch
Although visually almost indistinguishable from your familiar concert instrument, the masterfully crafted guitarsEustache are designed from scratch according to our proprietary soundbox and neck / fretboard blueprints that evolved from serious mathematical and physical studies and modeling... and re-modeling, glueing, tearing apart, listening carefully, cutting new parts, reworking… dal segno. Studies of luthier traditions and schools from which the modern classical guitar has evolved led us to formulating our own “phi” body construction, together with a myriad of small devices, joints, reinforcements, support constructions – all assembled in a way that does not hinder the acoustic performance of our instruments.
Enchanting and embraceable
Enchanting and embraceable

The light yet rigid construction of neck and head is key to extreme playability and strain-reduction of guitarsEustache. Players quickly become aware that the mesmerizing physical response of our instruments thru their light touch and feel ultimately results in a full, warm and natural sound of music they produce.

With guitarsEustache the process of music making is both a creative and relaxing one.

To ensure free resonating of all body parts, and avoid sound deterioration thru unnecessary chemical treatment and modification of surface characteristics, each instrument is lacquered by hand using proprietary shellac mixture.

Every guitar that leaves or workshop is by definition built as unique instrument with its individual character, but all of them excel in two fields: balanced sound and ease of playing. We firmly believe that only a playable, manageable guitar can offer full range of expression for both hands and for the mind and spirit of the player. For us the balance of sound means maintaining richness of harmonics throughout full range of registers, maintaining the dynamic range and volume between strings and positions on the neck, and reducing the reverberation of transient effects without losing richness off the timbre.

And being full-fledged concert instruments, guitarsEustache are capable of proving their sovereignty in practice cabinets as well as in concert venues. Due to their capabilities of strong acoustic projection, our guitarsEustache produce the sound that grows and matures with the ambient they are played in.

Multidimensionally balanced sound
Balanced sound


Reviewed and praised by professionals
Reviewed by professionals

Knowing that acceptance from the professional community is essential we have teamed up with prominent masters of coveted playing techniques and learned that the main aim of their lifelong strivings was to achieve beautiful and voluminous timbre throughout a wide range of pitches and to remain able to do so over a range of years and decades – without inflicting long term damage to their musculoskeletal systems.

To better understand the sustainability of the player – guitarsEustache relationship we have even submitted our instruments to non-compromising critical reviews by medical professionals, some of them having a musical background, and followed their specialist advice to identify nuances in the construction of our instruments that are crucial to relieving strain on player’s body.

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