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GuitarsEustache are hand crafted in our workshop in Zagreb, Croatia (EU).

The catalogue of models showcased on our website can serve as an introductory guide into the range of materials, soundshapes, decorations and usages that guitarsEustache can cover. Every musical instrument we deliver is imprinted with recognizable guitarsEustache character, but we are not subscribing to the "brand" hype of the modern world. Rather than putting our logo on large series of pretty pieces of lavishly decorated wood, we are aiming to build products with attention to every individual detail that can contribute to acoustic efficiency and manageability of the whole. 
Therefore all orders are treated as personalized and you are cordially invited to visit us and tell us about your wishes and dreams. Starting with a virtual meeting, we can proceed and prepare for you a "guitar tasting menu". In our showroom at any time there are at least a dozen of different guitarsEustache waiting for your hands and ears. We will introduce you to our story, the methods and materials we use and why we believe that we have managed to pour into our musical devices some of the spirit from the holy grail of acoustic balance, playability and tonal vibrance...  And of course, in order to be able to design and produce the instrument that will once become your reliable partner, we will listen attentively to  your requirements and preferences. 
Our goal is not only to provide the musicians with the right tool for their trade but to ensure that every guitarsEustache player will develop a deep and lasting bond with his instrument.
Custom built | tailor-made for clients
Lifelong workmanship warranty entitles the player to free re-lacquering and retrofitting in concordance with our high standards and ever evolving knowledge of luthier's craft.
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