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Produced individually in our workshop in Zagreb, Croatia (European Union) our guitarsEustache are aimed at most demanding musical professionals. Priced comparably to the usual student – concert tier stock they exhibit all qualities of professional hand-built and reliable master guitars that will never cease to inspire their owners.

Every guitarsEustache instrument can catter to the needs of advanced students as well as those of mature concert professionals, offering astonishingly high performance, sound qualities and playability at an affordable price level.

GuitarsEustache are providing long time service support, standard and extended warranty plans and a variety of built-to-order and retrofitting options.

Our Master Builder
Our Master Builder

Staša Puškarić, PhD, whose experience in natural sciences spreads thru fields of geology, oceanology and climate studies is a veteran of environmental and habitat researches and author of significant body of scientific papers and original projects aimed at mitigating climate change effects. He is currently teaching climate related courses at Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubrovnik.

Coming from a family of innovators and gifted multi-technical specialists, while also benefiting from solid classical music education, he now dedicates his artistic talent joined with inventive technical skills and his understanding of biological macro- and micro-processes to all phases of devising and fabricating complex musical mechanisms.

Wood: resource and teacher
Wood: resource and teacher

“De vinea vinum” is an ancient Roman saying that emphasizes the importance that proper cultivation and growing of grapes have for the final quality of the wine. Similarly, resonant and healthy sounding guitarsEustache owe much of their acoustic character to the noble materials we are using in their production.

Our soundboards are made of select high-altitude grown spruce and cedrus acquired from controlled logging zones in isolated and ecologically sound patches on the extreme western and eastern edges of the Alps.

They are complemented with soudboxes, necks and fretboards built of well known favorites such as palisander, cocobollo, cypress and ebony.


Innovating beyond the conventional limitations of usual materials, Staša has devised numerous innovative wood amalgams both for the soundbox and soundboard construction, from vivid brindled dark-and-light bodies to amalgamated double-top-reinforced soundboards.

From artisanship into science
From artisanship into science

In terms of internal air flow, avoidance of standing-wave effects, and of even sound distribution between different resonant zones of the instrument guitarsEustache form their own category that is unique in the market.

Every curvature of the guitarsEustache body and neck is a result of Staša’s mathematical and physical calculations and experimental work. Instead of drawing exclusively on selectively transmitted traditions of old luthiers and reverse-engineering old masters’ secrets, Staša has embarked on a mission of scientifically postulating, testing and finalizing unique body and neck design features that evolved into his own “phi” body design… giving birth to a lineage of particularly clear, efficient and warm instruments.

Nut and saddle parts are carved out of rigid ethically grown beef femur bone. On request, vegan-friendly carbon substitutes can be provided.

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